Should you wear sunscreen in the winter?

A woman is applying sunscreen lotion

If you’re like most people, you’re pretty good at remembering sunscreen in spring and summer. The sun’s out, the heat’s up; you walk outside and think, “Oh, I should wear sunscreen.” In winter, that can be harder to remember. But winter sunburn is a very real thing, so skin safety and sun protection are integral to avoiding short and long-term damage to your skin.

Wear Sunscreen to Protect from UV Rays

If winters are cloudy where you live, you may think that cloud cover prevents the sun from burning you. That assumption is, sadly, wrong. UV rays (which are the ones that actually do the damage) still come through clouds, even if the visible light is dimmed. Because of this, SPF is just as important on cloudy, winter days as on bright, summer ones.

Sun protection for your skin

UV Comes Indoors, Too

Alongside UV going through clouds, UV rays can be dangerous even if you’re indoors for much of winter. If you like to read by the window, or your desk at the office is close to one, then you’re still at risk of UV ray damage. 

Winter Conditions Remove SPF Faster

If you often wonder, “How often should I apply sunscreen,” you should know that you’ll want to apply it even more frequently than in summer. Harsh winds and snow can remove SPF just as fast as sweat during the summer. Reapplying every two to three hours is recommended, especially for prolonged exposure.

The Sun Still Causes Skin Cancer, No Matter the Season

As you might’ve put together, UV rays are still very present in the winter, and UV rays are a leading contributor to skin cancer. So, can you get a sunburn in winter? Yes. Will a sunburn still damage your skin? Also yes. Wear SPF in the winter! Sun protection is very important

SPF for your skin

SPF is Crucial to Skin Care

Preventing UV damage with SPF can have drastic de-aging effects. Alongside normal personal and skin care, SPF keeps your skin protected, young, and healthy. The last thing you want is to keep your face as healthy as possible with a complex facial care routine and then have your effort undone from hidden UV damage!

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