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Tips On Repairing Your Damaged Skin Barrier

Your skin is a very smart and intricate organ. It keeps you safe from external microorganisms with its many layers. It’s outer most layer, the “skin barrier” keeps your skin healthy.

When your skin barrier is not working, unwanted particles can enter your body. Skin barrier repair is the only way to solve the problem created by damaged skin. We have gifted you a complete guide to healthy skin so that you can heal your damaged skin barrier.

What Causes Damaged Skin Barrier

Damaged skin

A broken skin barrier can occur for several reasons, but it’s never pretty. 

Overwashing: When exposed to too much water and harsh cleansers, skin loses its natural lipids, leading to barrier damage.

Over-exfoliating: We love exfoliating as much as the next person, but when you do it too often, you remove more than just dead skin cells. You remove the good oils from your skin as well, which leaves your skin unprotected.

Lack of sleep: Not getting enough sleep can negatively affect more than just your mood – it wreaks havoc on your skin as well!

Aging: An unfortunate part of aging is a weakened skin barrier. People often experience drier, more sensitive skin as they age.

How To Repair Your Skin Barrier

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Repairing damaged skin is no easy task, but there is hope if you follow these simple guidelines.

Find the cause: Determine which of the root causes discussed earlier in our guide is creating your skin concerns. That way, you can properly prescribe an effective solution.

Limit the frequency of your face washing: Face washing can actually do more harm than good while your skin’s barrier is compromised. Practice your usual hygiene with moderation.

Stop exfoliating: We know, this one is a bummer. But until your symptoms have resolved themselves, exfoliating your skin will only make the condition worse. 

Moisturize your skin: Since your skin is struggling to hold in any water right now, you need to make up for what is lost. Use products with ingredients like ceramide, niacinamide, panthenol, fatty acids, and other vitamins for healthy skin.

Keep It Simple: Simplicity is the key right now. DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT try to reinvent the wheel right now. You will make a bad day worse and prolong your skin woes if you try to utilize new products

right now. If you do need to implement new products, stick to the ingredients above, as well as products designed for sensitive skin.

Heal Your Hurting Skin With NinthAvenue

Woman applying lotion on damaged skin

During this troublesome time in your skincare routine, NinthAvenue has you covered. We have a collection of products that help repair damaged skin barriers, and all your skincare favorites for after your skin heals and you’re ready to fall back into your regular routine.

Browse our collection of skincare products and put the moisture back into your skincare routine.

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