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The Best Skincare Tips for Teens

A healthy skincare routine can help teens develop mindfulness around self-care and boost confidence. With the importance of a strong skincare routine gaining popularity, it can be tricky to know which practices are the best. Here’s what you need to know about the best skincare tips for teens!

Setting Up a Skincare Routine

A simple routine is best a great place to start! While there are a lot of incredible products out there, the most important thing with any new skincare routine is consistency. If you’re brand new to skincare, you’ll want to start with these three steps:

1. Cleanser: It’s important to find an option that works well for teen skin, effectively stripping away grime and excess oil without harming your skin barrier. Face wash for teens should have simple, gentle ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

2. Toner: If you have acne-prone skin, a good toner can help to remove excess oil or other concerning substances from your skin. Some toners are meant specifically to combat acne, drying out existing pimples and helping to prevent new ones.

3. Moisturizer: The best moisturizers for teen skin will be lightweight enough to not cause breakouts or irritation, but moisturizing enough to keep your skin from drying out over time. 

If you’ve got those three steps down and are ready for something new, it is also a good idea to use sunscreen daily. Sun damage is one of the biggest factors in advanced skin aging and can increase your risk of skin cancer, so preventing minor sun damage and sunburns early can help your skin stay healthy for years to come.

Top Skincare Tips for Teens

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If you’ve already got the products above ready to go and are looking for a little more, here are some top skincare tips for teens.

1. Avoid Touching Your Face

We know, this one is easier said than done. However, when you touch your face frequently throughout  the day, it can transfer dirt, chemicals, and other substances from your environment to that sensitive facial skin. Especially if you have acne-prone skin, this is an important habit to break!

2. Shield Your Face from Hair Products

Did you know that hair products on your face can be a trigger for acne? A little here and there probably won’t hurt you, but try to use your hand or a visor of some sort to shield the skin on your face from hair products like sunscreen, gel, and pomade.

3. Always Remove Makeup Before Bed

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No matter how tired you are, be sure to remove your makeup before bed! Reusable makeup remover pads are an affordable and convenient way to take off your makeup every day. These cloths can be used with just a bit of water for most products or your favorite waterproof makeup remover for waterproof mascara.

4. Exfoliate Once Per Week

    Your daily cleanser may include some mild exfoliating properties, but it’s a good idea to go in with an exfoliating product at least once per week. These products are especially helpful for dry, flaky skin. Be sure to read the instructions on your favorite exfoliating product to ensure you don’t use it too often, as that could irritate your skin and lead to redness.

    5. Stay Hydrated

    Even the best moisturizer can’t make up for not drinking enough water! It’s important to stay hydrated to take care of your body, including your skin. If you don’t like drinking plain water, consider using flavored water enhancers or tea to make the process more enjoyable.

    Benefits of a Strong Skincare Routine

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    One great benefit of a strong skincare routine is simply the fun of it. Many teenagers enjoy having their skincare routine each night as a little bit of me time and a way to transition from school, work, or hobbies into a restful night of sleep. 

    Another benefit of skincare routines is that it is setting them up for long-term healthy habits by being an essential building block of their morning and evening routines. Just like young children need to learn that brushing their teeth is an essential part of every day, it’s good for teens to learn early about taking care of their skin as well.

    In addition, a good skincare routine can help combat acne, which is a frequent challenge with teen skin. Although a little acne is normal for everyone, teen skincare often involves managing more extreme breakouts. For these teens, skincare can treat discomfort from painful acne and even act as a preventative measure. 

    Setting Up Your Teen Skincare Routine

    A strong skincare routine promotes healthy living, better confidence, and clearer, happier, and healthier skin. If you’re ready to start finding the best products for your skincare routine, check out our selection at Ninth Avenue

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