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Skincare Tools That Are a Must-Have on Your Vanity

The skincare world can be scary, and skincare accessories are no different. If you’re looking to expand your repertoire with a new skincare tool (or three), you may feel lost on what you actually need. Our goal is to show you the best skin care tools to have with you for your skincare routines by highlighting what they do and how they help your skin.

Cooling Eye Mask

The first beauty tool you might want is a cooling eye mask. These things can be used for a ton of different reasons:

– Relieve headaches and sinus pains
– Reduce eye bags and soothe inflammation
– Promote relaxation

Young woman applying eye cooling mask

Cooling eye masks are beneficial for skin care and general relaxation. These are a must-have if you struggle with headaches, puffy eyes, or allergies that make your eyes irritable. Plus, eye masks are long-lasting, which means they’re a cost-efficient addition to your beauty gadgets. 

Facial Roller

The next little beauty device we recommend is a facial roller. This is essentially a handheld professional esthetician that helps you massage your face to de-puff inflammation, smooth out lines, and generally soften your face.

Woman using skincare tool facial roller

Face rollers have health and aesthetic benefits like all the best face tools do. These facial massage beauty tools can even produce microcurrents to stimulate and enliven your skin. Face rollers are a great option if your face gets puffy on a whim or you have lines and aches to be smoothed and soothed.

Cleansing Brush

A solid cleansing brush is an excellent investment to make if you want your skin to be as clear, clean, and vibrant as possible. Cleansing brushes both clean and exfoliate better than just your fingertips. They don’t irritate your skin or damage it; instead, their soft brushes pull up dirt and impurities and soothe the skin immediately after.

Woman using skincare tool facial brush

Skincare Tool Kits

If you want even more skincare (and other spa-day, self-care) tools than the ones we highlighted here, check out our tool kit collection. With manicure, pedicure, and skincare tools arrayed in affordable kits, they’re your one-stop shop for self-care gadgets! 

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