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Skincare Routine for Men

Skincare can be difficult to figure out, especially if you’re new to it (and/or no one’s ever really taught you how to do it). Finding the best skincare routine for you can be a great step in taking better care of your skin, and we’re here to help you figure it all out.

As always, the perfect skincare routine is the one that works for you, so feel free to disregard certain steps or use different products. Everything here is a good general guideline, but you have the final say in what you do or don’t do in your skincare regime.


The first step in any good, male skincare routine is to use a facial cleanser. Get your face wet and warm, rub the cleanser in, and then rinse it all clean. This will clear your pores and clean your face off so that, in your later skincare steps, you aren’t locking in any gunk!

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Use Serum

Using a serum isn’t mandatory, but it can be hugely impactful for reducing signs of aging and keeping your skin healthier for longer. Serum should be applied conservatively to the whole face with small dotting taps from your fingertips.

The best men’s facial routines tend to use serum, so try and find one that specifically targets skin problems you may be having.

Apply Eye Cream

After you’ve cleansed your face and added serum, apply some eye cream. These are great for reducing bags under your eyes and rehydrating your skin. Some of the best skincare for men is just rehydrating your skin, so if you have dry and/or baggy eyes, make sure eye cream is a part of your routine.

Skincare routine applying eye cream


After any creams and serums you’ve used, you now lock it all in with a layer of moisturizer. A good moisturizer will go a long way, especially if you’re planning out a dry skincare routine, so make sure you don’t cut corners when buying one.


Finally, you want to protect your skin from sun damage and ensure that all of your hard work at skincare doesn’t go to waste, so make sure you apply a facial SPF. Not only will these add some extra hydration to your skin they’ll also prevent long-term skin damage.

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