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Skincare Regimen to Follow For Healthy, Glowing Skin

The quest for healthy skin is a long one. We all want skin that glows (or at least want skin that doesn’t feel dry and tight), but that takes work and the skincare regimen to achieve it can seem long and over-complicated. You’ve likely asked yourself, “What skincare products do I need?” or struggled to figure out what order to apply skincare.

Our goal is to show you how we build a skincare routine and what the correct order of skincare is, generally speaking. When you’re done here, you’ll know what products you might want and what order you should use them in.

Cleansing Important

The first step in any skincare regimen is to cleanse. Face wash routines don’t vary too much; you mainly just want a cleanser that works well for your skin type (that’s a good rule of thumb for any face or body products, honestly). Apply the cleanser liberally, following the instructions on the bottle, and then rinse.

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If you have a cleansing brush or anything like that, use it here.

Tone Immediately

If you’re using a toner, you want to apply it immediately after cleansing. You want to ensure you’re locking in the moisture that the cleanser and water have provided, and toner lets you begin that process and seal it in.

Moisturize Intelligently

After toner and cleansing, you want to use your main moisturizer. Your face has a “moisture barrier;” when this barrier fails or becomes unhealthy, your skin dries out more quickly and frequently and, when it does dry out, it gets drier than it would otherwise. For day or night face routines, using a good moisturizer is essential for skincare.

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Apply Serum

The next step in skincare regimen is dab some serum onto your face. This is also a great stage to use any eye creams or other eye products you might have. These lock in specific nutrients to specific locations on your face.

Finish Off with Creams and Mists

Finally, you want to apply any specific creams you have or need to take. And, after it all, rehydrate your skin with some final spritzes from your facial mist. 

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If you’re looking for more skincare help and products, be sure to check out our website for all your skincare needs!

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