Skincare for Sensitive Skin

lady is applying skincare on sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you’re probably used to certain self-care routines being more aggravating than they should be (looking at you, shaving). In the hunt for a good skincare routine, you’ve probably discovered that many cleansers and lotions don’t account for your skin’s specific needs.

We’re here to help you figure out the best skincare steps and products for your sensitive skin. To begin, a simple skincare routine order would look like this: cleanser, serum, moisturizer, SPF, and lip care—the same way we have them ordered here!


The key to any skincare routine is a good cleanser, and that’s especially true for a skincare routine for sensitive skin. You want a cleanser that is specifically designed for sensitive skin. General cleansers can contain abrasive exfoliants, chemicals that will irritate your skin, or other ingredients that could cause you problems.

Women washes the face

The best skin care products for sensitive skin are the ones designed for sensitive skin’s needs, and finding a cleanser that is suited for your skin type is crucial to having a solid foundation in your skin care.


Serum should be applied lightly after you’ve cleaned your face. A good hydrating serum can especially help if you struggle with inflammation and/or dryness. Face serum is best used right after cleanser because it immediately soaks into your cleaned skin and gives it hydration you can lock in with moisturizer and SPF.


A good moisturizer for sensitive skin should moisturize without any of the abrasive ingredients or inflammatory ingredients of normal moisturizers. Sensitive skin moisturizers are smooth, soft, and soothing, and lock in the hydration of your serum.

Women is applying moisturize on sensitive skin


SPF is integral to morning skincare routines, and sensitive skincare routines are no different. SPF lotions help protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which is essential for sensitive skin. You may burn easier or be at a higher risk of long-term sun damage if you have sensitive skin, so solid SPF face lotions are very important.

Lip Care

Finally, if you have dry or sensitive lips, you’ll want some good lip care products. Whether it’s an ointment or a balm, you just want a product to lock in moisture and protect your lips from the harshness of the sun and wind.

Woman is applying lip balm on lips
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