Skincare Before Makeup- The Ultimate Guide for Prepping Your Skin

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If you just can’t seem to get the perfect makeup look you’re after, the solution may be simpler than you think! One step of how to put on makeup that often goes overlooked is the prepping process, a skin care regimen performed every morning before applying makeup. So, what goes into this skin-prepping routine, and how can it help improve your makeup styles as well as your health? Here are skincare before makeup tips. Discover 5 crucial skin-prepping steps for flawless makeup styles and healthier skin.

1. Apply a Gentle Cleanser

The first element of this routine is to cleanse the skin. By using a gentle cleanser to eliminate any bacteria, dirt, and oils on the surface of the skin, you ensure that you’re applying your makeup to a completely clean slate. This reduces the risk of trapping bacteria and other debris underneath your makeup, which in turn makes breakouts and inflammation far less likely, allowing you to enjoy your favorite makeup styles without having to sacrifice your skin.

2. Exfoliate

Woman applying exfoliating scrub on face

Once you’ve cleansed your skin, follow up with an exfoliating scrub. In a similar vein to the cleanser, an exfoliator serves to get rid of any excess dead skin cells before makeup is applied, reducing the risk of inflammation and giving you a bright, glowing complexion before you’ve even started applying makeup. Gently massage the exfoliating scrub into your skin, rinse, and you’re ready to move on to the next step!

3. Apply Toner

Next up is applying toner. If you suffer from dehydrated skin, open pores, or an unbalanced skin PH, toner can help keep things in check. This toner will build on the first two steps you’ve taken, and establish an even better foundation for the steps that follow. With the cleansing leaving your skin clean and the exfoliation getting rid of dead skin cells, the toner is able to step in and work its magic, making your glowing skin more radiant than ever. In addition, it’ll help protect your skin as you go about your daily routine, allowing you to wear your makeup without worrying about any side effects.

4. Apply Moisturizer

Woman applying moisturizer on face

Building on the aforementioned foundation established by the toner, you can now move on to applying moisturizer. While toner is great at all-around skin support, moisturizer focuses solely on keeping your skin healthy and hydrated, and excels at doing so. It’s great for creating that perfect, dewy skin that’ll make just about any makeup style work flawlessly, so it’s an absolutely crucial step in any pre-makeup skin-prepping routine. To apply moisturizer, just gently work it into your skin and give the cream time to work its magic!

5. Apply Primer

With your skin properly cared for, cleansed, exfoliated, toned, and moisturized, the only step left before putting on your makeup is applying primer. Though not strictly necessary, primer is great for ensuring that your favorite makeup styles will be able to go the distance instead of wearing off halfway through the day. This step is especially important for people with oily skin. 

Though your skin-prepping routine will take care of a large portion of excess oils, your skin may continue to create them, and those oils created during the day may start to interfere with your makeup. Applying primer, however, can help regulate oil levels and keep pores closed, ensuring your skin will cooperate with your makeup for as long as you need it to. With these five steps completed, you’re finally ready to move on to the step you’ve been waiting for: the makeup application itself.

6. Put On Makeup

Woman is doing makeup

Though all the other steps so far may have felt monotonous but necessary, this step is your chance to have some fun and express yourself! If you’re looking for some tips to get started, though, we’re more than happy to help! We recommend starting with a solid coat of foundation to ensure everything melds together properly, but from there, the sky’s the limit. Some of our favorite styles include dramatic winged eyeliner, bright, bold lipstick, and gentle, youthful blush, but feel free to mix, match, and modify our favorites until you find something that really speaks to you. 

7. Finish With Setting Spray

With your skin prepped and your makeup applied, there’s just one thing left to do: finish things up with a bit of setting spray. As the name suggests, setting spray will help to lock your fresh new makeup style in place, ensuring that it’ll hold up no matter where you take it. All that’s left to do is get out there and wear your look with pride!

Achieve makeup perfection with our recommended skincare before makeup tips. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, prime, and slay your favorite styles! Looking for more great tips, recommendations, and products for all your skincare and cosmetic needs? Feel free to visit us at NinthAvenue today!

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