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Skin Care Tools That Elevate Your Skincare

Most of the time, our products do a lot of the heavy lifting in our skin care routines. In recent years, skin care lovers have basically become amateur chemists, analyzing products for key ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamides, and salicylic acid. Don’t get us wrong—the ingredient list is definitely important, but so are the facial tools you use. Beauty skin care tools hydrate, firm, lift, tone, and exfoliate your skin. 

If the idea of facial machines or skin tightening devices sound foreign to you, don’t fret. We’ve compiled a list of the best skin care gadgets for your beauty routine. Keep reading to learn all about which skin care devices to try. 



When discussing face tools for skincare, one often thinks of high-tech devices. But sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. Enter the humble humidifier, an essential tool for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin.

Humidifiers work by releasing moisture into the air, which helps to improve dry, itchy skin. Flaky or dry skin is often the result of being around air without enough moisture. Humidifiers pull moisture back into the air to remedy this. If you suffer from cracked lips, allergies, or flaky skin, a humidifier can help in 2 major ways:

First, higher humidity levels keeps your skin moisturized, preventing it from drying out. Humidifiers also ease redness and irritation in sensitive skin. This makes them great facial care tools against skin conditions like rosacea.

NuFACE Device

NuFACE Device

This is one of the most popular facial care tools out there, commonly referred to as one of the best face lifting devices. If you don’t know what it is, NuFACE is a small facial sculpting device designed to stimulate facial muscles and enhance your skin’s natural tone and texture.

Here’s how it works: The facial device uses microcurrent technology to stimulate facial muscles. These are low-level electrical currents that mimic the body’s natural electrical signals. When applied to the skin, they stimulate the muscles, helping to lift, tighten, and contour the face.

There are lots of benefits to using this device. It’s often touted as a non-invasive facelift, helping to lift sagging skin and tighten the face. Using NuFACE regularly can also help reduce the visibility of wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful appearance. And of course, it’s super user-friendly. It’s a much more affordable option for those who can’t drop a ton of money on a facelift procedure. Instead, NuFACE is an accessible device to anyone seeking a home-based facial sculpting device.

Derma rollers 

Face rollers

Derma rollers have gained popularity as effective skin-tightening devices in recent years. Also called needle rollers, these come with tiny needles that create micro-injuries to the skin. While this might sound scary, it’s actually good for your skin! These micro-injuries help trigger collagen production, which is essential for youthful skin.

They also help prep your skin for applying products by allowing for deeper penetration. They’re a solid pick for those suffering from acne scars, stretch marks, and other blemishes. Derma rollers help reduce the appearance of these marks, resulting in a more radiant complexion. Keep in mind that these are professional skin care tools. They’re often used by professionals in salons or spas, but they can also be used at home. Use your roller carefully, lightly gliding it across your skin rather than dragging it. 

Facial Massager 

Derma rollers 

Facial massagers are face firming tools that help with puffiness, blood flow, and relieving tension. Gua sha is one method of massaging that’s been especially popular on social media. It involves using a heart-shaped tool to gently massage and scrape the skin, and is a form of Chinese medicine that goes back centuries. It’s performed to enhance blood circulation, relieve tension, and to sculpt the skin For best results, practice gua sha in combination with an oil each morning and night to help keep your face toned. 

Another one of the best face massagers are jade face rollers. You can use one in combination with gua sha, or by itself. Jade rollers help calm and soothe puffy, irritated skin. They’re designed to help move along drainage in the lymphatic system, resulting in the skin appearing more lifted. 

They also feel great on the skin, especially after they’ve been cooled in the freezer or fridge. Outside of tightening and sculpting the face, these simple skincare devices are also used to massage moisturizers and serums into the skin. 

The Takeaway

Skin Care Tools

Skin care tools are essential for a more sculpted, toned look. While the products we use are important, using the right face tools for skin care will help carry your beauty routine even further. Ninth Avenue has all the self care beauty tools you need for a glowing complexion. Shop our online store today for the best finds in skin care, makeup, and all things beauty. 


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