Nail Care: 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Nails

Nail care

Though we all desire clean, strong, well-manicured nails. It can easy to neglect this aspect of self-care when we’re busy dealing with the demands of everyday life. If you’ve noticed that your nails have become brittle or dull, you’re not alone. Fortunately, adopting the right nail care routine can help rejuvenate the strength and appearance of weakened nails.

In this article, we’ll cover five easy ways to take care of your nails.

1- Groom Your Nails Properly

Woman trimming her nails

Standard nail care is a fundamental component of how to strengthen nails naturally. Healthy, strong, attractive nails begin with the right care routine. Start by using nail clippers to trim your nails on a regular basis, especially if they’ve become damaged recently. Be sure to leave a small crescent of the white portion of your nails intact so that you don’t damage the connective skin under your nails. File your trimmed nails to round them so that there are no sharp edges.

In addition, keep your hands clean and moisturized. If you’re wondering how to moisturize nails, using a nutrient-rich hand lotion or a dedicated moisturizing nail serum will do the trick.

To keep moisture and nutrients locked in, avoid unnecessary exposure to water or chemicals. Unless you’re showering or washing your hands, keep them away from water, and if you happen to be washing dishes or cleaning your home, wear a sturdy pair of protective gloves.

2- Use Gentle Nail Care Products

Woman applying nail care products

If you’re concerned about how to repair damaged nails, you’ll find that using the right nail care products can be incredibly helpful. It’s essential to make use of gentle products that aren’t going to worsen the condition of your nails. For example, if you need to remove nail polish, use a gentle nail polish remover rather than a harsh acetone option. Base coats and top coats are also a good idea if you frequently polish your nails.

Also, whether you’re looking for how to grow nails or how to strengthen your nails, using a hardener, nail strengthening gel, or nail growth product regularly can help.

3- Practice Cuticle Care

Cutting cuticles

Speaking of how to strengthen nails, let’s not forget about your cuticles. Cuticles are the thin pieces of skin in your nailbeds, and as much as you may want to cut them, don’t. Cutting your cuticles can not only limit your nails’ ability to grow, but this practice can also make way for infections.

Instead, take care of your cuticles by using a dedicated cuticle oil on them. Adding cuticle oil to your nail care routine prevents nail damage and can also make your nails grow faster. It’s a great option if you’re looking for longer nails.

4- Take a Break from Gel or Acrylic Nails

Taking care of nails

Having gel or acrylic nails put on can really do a number on the health of your nails, especially when this process is repeated often. If you’re interested in finding out how to fix damaged nails, look no further than taking a break from gel and acrylic nails. Growing out gel nails or trying to bring strength back to your nails after having acrylics removed takes time, but it can be done. 

You’ll want to start by trimming the grown-out portion of your nails to prevent cracks or breaks. From there, you’ll want to apply a nail hardener once a day for at least two weeks. In the meantime, keep your hands and nails clean and moisturized, and ensure that you maintain both your cuticles and the skin under your nails.

By keeping up with your nail care routine and avoiding gel or acrylic applications, you’ll see natural white nails develop in due time.

5- Follow Healthy Habits

Woman having beautiful nails

Often, the best nail treatment for damaged nails at home involves simply taking care of yourself and your nails as well as you can. Following a healthy diet, for one, can help ensure that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs to keep your nails (and the rest of you) healthy. In addition, staying well-hydrated can help prevent your nails from becoming brittle or cracking.

On top of following a standard nail care routine, it’s also a good idea to regularly clean all of your nail care tools. This way, you can prevent exposing your nails and their surrounding tissues to potentially harmful bacteria. 

While we’re on the topic of bacteria, it’s also wise to avoid biting or chewing on your nails. It’s not only an unhygienic practice but it can cause unnecessary damage to your nails and nailbeds.

Finally, if you want to give your nail health an extra boost, consider taking a biotin supplement.

As with any form of self-care, maintaining strong and healthy nails takes time and effort. However, by following these simple care steps, you can enjoy clean, beautiful durable nails without having to invest in expensive manicures. By practicing adequate nail care, your results will speak for themselves.

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