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Is caffeine good for your hair growth?- Here’s all you need to know.

If you’re looking for the perfect hair care products, figuring out which ingredients will help your hair and which will harm it can be tough. After all, with so many active ingredients and so many complicated names, how are you supposed to keep all of them straight in your head? However, as is often the case with beauty products. The simplest solution is the best when it comes to hair care products that promote growth. One of the best active ingredients to look for just so happens to be one that you may even consume on a daily basis: caffeine.

Some Facts About Caffeine

Though most of us just think of caffeine as something to ingest whenever we’re feeling tired. The science behind it and its many uses are both fascinating. In the natural world, caffeine was actually evolved by a number of plants as a defense mechanism. It is a lethal poison for many animals who would otherwise try to eat caffeinated plants. Strangely enough, though, this isn’t the case for humans, and we’re even able to benefit from consuming it instead.

However, there are more benefits to caffeine than just that signature energy boost. Caffeine has also been noted to have a number of cosmetic benefits to the skin and more importantly, to the hair.

Why is Caffeine Good for Hair?


So, what exactly is the reasoning behind caffeine’s benefits to your hair and scalp? First of all, caffeine is known to contain antioxidants. It helps to strengthen your hair and protect it against everyday damage from things like sun exposure, helping it stay strong and shiny. In addition, there’s caffeine’s nature as a stimulant. It doesn’t just stimulate our minds, but our bodies as well. And when applied in the form of a shampoo, hair mask, or other hair care product, kicks your hair follicles into high gear. These boosted follicles grow hair faster. It allows hair to grow for longer, and produce stronger hairs in general.

Best of all, though, is that using caffeine for the purpose of hair care has very few, if any drawbacks. It’s all-natural, and isn’t a harsh chemical compound. So you don’t have to worry about stripping oils from your hair and scalp or causing the redness, irritation, and dryness that’s typically associated with harsh artificial chemical treatments. This allows your hair to keep moisture locked in much easier than with other hair care products, keeping it perfectly hydrated and allowing it to grow uninhibited.

With that quick overview of the benefits out of the way, let’s go into a few more specific details on each of the benefits.

Faster Hair Growth

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One of the benefits you’ll notice first is that your hair seems to be growing faster. You’re not just seeing things, it actually is! There are a number of reasons for this. First is caffeine’s properties as a stimulant which we covered earlier. Essentially, it gives your hair follicles a bit of a kick in the pants. They start doing their work much faster than before, allowing your hair to grow at a rapid rate. This effect is further enhanced by caffeine’s ability to boost blood flow to the scalp, which has a similar effect on hair growth. With these two effects working in tandem, your hair will begin to grow much faster than it would otherwise.

Lengthens Growth Phase

Contrary to popular belief, hair doesn’t just keep growing forever. Aside from having a terminal length past which growth becomes much more challenging. Hair also follows a specific growth pattern. Hair typically spends several years growing at first. After which the hair follicles slow down growth and eventually release the hair. Once the hair has been released, a new hair will begin growing in the follicle, while the old hair will be shed.

So, what role does caffeine play in all this? Some studies have shown that it may be able to extend the growth cycle, giving it more time to grow in before it’s released and shed. Ultimately, this may mean that your hair will have greater growing potential as a result, and when combined with the increased growth speed. Your hair will have everything it needs to grow in quickly and fully.

Provides Hair With Nutrients

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Finally, there’s the simple fact that caffeine is known for providing your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow. Providing your hair with these nutrients will ensure it stays healthy, strong, and luxurious. So working caffeine shampoo into your daily shower routine is well worth it!

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