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How to Pick the Best Makeup Brush Set for You – A Complete Guide

Choosing the right makeup brush set can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available in today’s makeup market. However, selecting the right set can take your makeup routine to the next level, making your applications more efficient. In this short guide, we’re going to help you make sense of all the choices ahead of you so that you can pick the best makeup brush set for your unique needs.

Understand Your Makeup Routine

Before getting into the specifics of the best makeup brushes, take a moment to examine your makeup routine. Do you commonly take part in bold looks or experiment with intricate eye makeup, or are you more into quick and simple makeup looks? The way you pursue your routine will help dictate the types of brushes you need. For example, if most of your makeup focuses on your eyes, having a set of dedicated eye brushes is probably a good idea. On the other hand, if you’re more into creating a smooth and balanced face, a set of quality foundation, blush, and powder brushes is worth exploring.

Identify the Brushes You Need

Makeup artist applying blusher on woman's face

Let’s take a closer look at the types of makeup brushes that typically come in a brush set. Knowing about various makeup brushes and their uses will make it easier to choose the best makeup brush set, one that has all the elements that will simplify your routine.

1. Foundation Brush: A flat or rounded brush for smooth foundation application.

2. Powder Brush: A large, fluffy brush for applying setting powder or bronzer.

3. Blush Brush: A medium-sized brush for applying blush to the cheeks.

4. Contour Brush: An angled brush for defining cheekbones and adding contour.

5. Eyeshadow Brushes: Various shapes and sizes for applying and blending eyeshadow.

6. Eyebrow Brush: Often a dual-ended brush with a spoolie on one end and an angled brush on the other for filling in eyebrows.

Depending on your specific needs, you might also want brushes for highlighting, eyeliner, and lips.

Choose Bristle Type

Brushes come with either synthetic or natural bristles, and the type you choose can affect your makeup application. Synthetic bristles are composed of man-made materials, and they’re typically the best liquid foundation brush, as they’re great for cream-textured products. They’re also usually more affordable, easier to clean, and more hypoallergenic than other options.

Natural bristles, however, are sourced from animal hair. They’re among the best foundation brushes, ideal for powdery products because they distribute makeup pigments more evenly. They’re often more expensive than synthetic materials and may need regular maintenance to keep them in ideal condition.

If you’re vegan or prefer cruelty-free options, synthetic brushes are the way to go.

Consider Quality and Durability

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Investing in a high-quality brush set can greatly improve your makeup application process. When shopping for brushes, look for signs of quality construction. For example, see that the ferrules (the metal part connecting the bristles and handle) are securely attached. Firm ferrules prevent bristle shedding and detachment between the two brush halves. Further, the bristles of each brush should be soft and gentle on the skin, not rough or scratchy. The brush handles should feel solid and comfortable to work with. 

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Makeup brush sets can range from being relatively affordable to significantly high-end. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s often worth investing a bit more money on a quality product. High-quality, professional makeup brushes typically last longer and perform better, which gives you more value for your purchase.

That said, many mid-range brands offer excellent brush sets that are both high-quality and affordable. For more guidance, check out customer reviews for some of the brush sets you’re considering. This way, you can better determine whether a specific set is worth the money.

Think About Portability and Storage

Makeup brush set pouch

If you travel frequently or have limited space in your bathroom, look for a brush set that comes with a carrying case or stand. This helps make everything a little easier to store and transport. Plus, a carrying case can help keep your brushes clean and organized.

Pick Products That Fit Your Aesthetic Preferences

While functionality is key, aesthetics can also play a role in the decision you come to. Many brands carry brushes in various colors, designs, and finishes. Choose a set that appeals to your personal style if you want to create a sense of uniformity among your makeup application tools.

Check Out Reputable Brands

Collection of various makeup brushes

Certain brands have great reputations for creating high-quality products. Brands like Sigma, Real Techniques, Morphe, and MAC are highly recommended by professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. Take time to explore these brands and their offerings so that you have a good starting point in your search for the best eyeshadow brushes.

Picking the best makeup brush set for you involves understanding your makeup routine, knowing which brushes you need, and considering factors like bristle type, quality, budget, and personal preferences. By carefully evaluating your needs and preferences, you can find a brush set th

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