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How to Improve Your Hair Growth- All You Need to Know

If you’ve noticed hair falling out in strange places, getting thinner, or refusing to grow, you may be frustrated, even alarmed. Hair is an important part of one’s sense of style, and therefore their identity as a whole, so losing it can be a distressing experience. Fortunately, halting hair loss, and even reversing it, is an easy process if you have the supplies, know-how, and consistency to do so. Let’s take a look at a few of the best things to do and the best products to use to improve your hair growth.

Avoid Dyes and Treatments

Fashionable though they may be, dyes, bleaches, and other harsh chemical hair treatments may be the reason behind your mysterious hair loss. These treatments often severely dry out hair, leading it to become brittle and easily broken. As a result of this, it’ll appear much thinner, won’t grow to the same level of volume, and may even begin falling out. To keep this from happening, simply keep your natural hair color and wear it with pride!

Space Out Shampoo Sessions

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Though shampoo is a hair care essential, too much of anything can turn into a bad thing. Your hair produces a natural layer of oils that passively moisturize your hair and protect your scalp. While this does make your hair feel greasy if allowed to build up, it’s nevertheless important to have around. Shampooing too frequently strips this layer of oils from your scalp, opening it up to dryness and brittleness, as well as causing it to become greasy far more rapidly than ever.

To avoid this, we recommend spacing out your shampoo sessions, shampooing only once every other day. While you should continue showering daily for the sake of basic hygiene, on alternating days, just rinse your hair with water and skip the shampoo.

Add Protein to Your Diet

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Believe it or not, your diet can have a marked impact on the health, sheen, volume, and growth of your hair. Though the two may seem entirely unrelated, they’re linked by a fascinating bit of anatomical science. Hair itself is primarily composed of a protein called keratin. Keratin is the source of your hair’s durability, so if your diet has a severe protein sufficiency, your hair will become much more brittle. Be sure your diet includes a solid, steady source of daily protein to ensure your hair stays strong and healthy.

Use Caffeine-Infused Hair Products

Though typically thought of as a part of everyone’s favorite morning beverage, caffeine has far more uses than just waking your brain up. As it so happens, it can wake your circulatory system up as well, so to speak. When using caffeine-infused hair products, the caffeine works to stimulate your hair follicles, improving circulation, and therefore the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your hair. This will in turn make your hair far healthier and more durable.

Brush, but Not Too Much

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As mentioned earlier, your scalp is constantly producing oils. These oils, aside from keeping your hair moisturized, also give it its signature, radiant sheen. By brushing your hair regularly, you can stimulate your hair follicles. When stimulated, your hair follicles will produce more oils to spread throughout your hair as well as deliver extra nutrients, making your hair shinier and more durable than ever.

As always, however, moderation is key. Excessive amounts of brushing or brushing with excessive force may end up doing more harm than good. Doing so can yank hair out of its follicles, speeding up hair loss and making your hair lose volume rapidly. To avoid this, start by brushing the tips of your hair, gradually working your way up all the way to the roots. This will allow you to be much gentler as you brush, and ultimately encourage healthy hair growth.

Establish a Regular Routine

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As with any effective self-care effort, the key to healthier hair is a consistent routine. By maintaining the schedule for when you shampoo, brush, and apply products to your hair, you give your body the ability to not only adapt to this new routine, but work hand-in-hand with it as well. 

We recommend going through your hair care routine every morning or evening after you’ve showered, and sticking to the routine you’ve decided on every day. By combining all your efforts, practices, and products into one ultra-efficient routine, you’re sure to improve your hair’s health, giving you the health, sheen, durability, and volume you’ve always dreamed of having.

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