Glitter Eyeshadow Looks To Try This Season

Glitter eye makeup

If you like to create fun, playful looks with makeup, glitter eyeshadow might be your favorite product. Glitter eyeshadow looks add elegance, sparkle, and shine to your appearance. Here are some fun ideas for glitter makeup looks to try this season!

The Basics: Simple Glitter Eyeshadow

If you’re new to the world of eye makeup, glitter eyeshadow might seem intimidating. But here’s a little secret: Because glitter itself is 3-dimensional and catches the light in different ways, even a simple sparkle eyeshadow look is going to appear more complex than it really is!

This simple look uses two eyeshadow shades from an eyeshadow palette: one glitter and one matte. It also uses black eyeliner and mascara. 

Simple Glitter Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @aestheticmepins

To create this look, first, start with your matte shade. Cover your whole eyelid and blend it out with a round blending brush to create a soft edge. Then, add glitter in a complementary shade to the inside and middle of the eyelid. Use the blending brush to gently blend the glitter towards the outside of the eye, and then top it with your favorite eyeliner and mascara.

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of glitter, let’s check out some more glitter eye looks for inspiration!

Dramatic Silver Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup

Dramatic Silver Glitter Smokey Eye

Image Credit: @faceframes

This look combines a dramatic dark smokey eye with silver glitter for a monochrome, contrasting look that’s perfect for a formal occasion. This look uses a sharp cut-crease and false eyelashes for extra dramatic flair.

Egyptian Inspired Glitter Makeup

Egyptian Inspired Eye Makeup

Image Credit: @anisaartistry

Another look that combines matte eyeshadow with glitter for incredible effect, this eyeshadow look takes its inspiration from Cleopatra and other queens of the Nile. This festive makeup look is perfect for a costume party or festival.

Orange Festival Makeup

Orange Festival Glitter Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @lookatallthosesparkles

This dreamy shimmer and sparkle makeup look uses orange as the star of the show but also includes blue-green glitter on the lower lid to create contrast. 

Glitter and Gold

Gold eyeshadow

Image Credit: Bailey Harada Stone

This elegant, simple glittery look is one of our favorite night-out makeup looks. It combines gold all-over glitter eyeshadow with a shimmery, glossy lip for a perfectly elegant evening look.

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