Correct Order to Apply Hair Products- All You Need to Know

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Anyone who wears their hair long understands the importance of a solid hair care routine, but not everyone realizes that there needs to be a particular order. The order in which you apply each product has a marked impact on your routine, and applying them in the wrong order may keep you from receiving the full benefits. To clear up the confusion, we’ve put together a guide to the different types of hair products, how to find good hair care products, and of course, the order in which they should be applied.

1. Shampoo

First up in the order of hair products is shampoo. Shampoo is used to wash dirt, grime, and oil buildup out of the hair, giving your next few hair care routine steps the chance to work their magic. When picking out a shampoo, try to find one that uses natural ingredients like honey, aloe Vera, and coconut oil while avoiding harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. A solid shampoo serves as the perfect foundation for your hair care routine, so be sure the one you choose will do the trick!

2. Conditioner

A key element in straight and curly hair product orders alike, you should apply conditioner right after you’ve rinsed the shampoo out of your hair. Be sure to avoid rubbing it into the scalp, as this may cause your hair to look greasy. Once it’s all worked in, wait for a couple of minutes or so, then rinse it out.

2.5. Hair Mask

Woman applying hair products

Once you’re done rinsing out the conditioner, we recommend following things up with a hair mask. Though not a strict necessity, hair masks are one of the best products for hair care that money can buy, serving to reduce frizz, strengthen your hair, and moisturize your scalp all at once. To apply a hair mask, make sure your hair is damp, not wet. Since you’re still in the shower at this point, you may need to wring a bit of the excess water out of your hair. From there, apply the hair mask and leave it in for about five minutes. Then, just rinse your hair out, and you’re good to go!

3. Detangler

Before applying any other after-shower hair care products, be sure to work a bit of detangles into your hair. This will make the next several products significantly easier for you to apply, speeding up your routine and allowing you to reap its full benefits.

4. Leave-In Conditioner

Believe it or not, regular and leave-in conditioners are great when used together as routine hair products. Though using both may seem redundant, they have unique roles that complement each other perfectly. While rinse-out conditioner provides a concentrated dose of nourishment during your shower. Leave-in conditioner continues to nourish your hair throughout the day. Used in conjunction, the two allow you to have soft, silky-smooth hair.

4.5. Heat Protectant Mousse or Spray

Woman applying Heat Protectant Mousse or Spray

If you don’t heat style your hair, you can go ahead and ignore this step. If you do, though, applying some sort of heat protectant is an absolute must. If you’re not careful, heat styling your hair can lead to dryness, brittleness, and even breakage. While heat protectants don’t mitigate this problem entirely, they do give you a bit more leeway, so they’re absolute must-have hair products.

5. Nourishing Mousse

Once you’ve worked in your leave-in conditioner and (optionally) heat-styled, go ahead and work some nourishing mousse into your hair. Mousse is one of our favorite after-shower hair products, as can add volume while also serving as a preliminary fixative. Once you’ve distributed the mousse evenly, arrange your hair in the rough shape you want to style it in. The mousse should more or less hold it in that shape, making it easy for you to lock in that style throughout the next two steps.

6. Styling Cream or Oil

Woman applying hair oil

Now that you’re getting close to the end of your routine, you can apply some styling cream or oil. Keep in mind that before using these products. You should have a solid hair oiling routine in place. As applying them too often may cause buildup and irritate the scalp. Work your cream or oil into your hair thoroughly, and then style your hair however you’d like. It’ll hold its shape relatively well as a result, and reapplying two or three times a week will make it even easier to style in the future.

7. Finish up With Some Hairspray

With your hair nourished, styled, and ready to face the day, finish up your hair care routine with a few spritzes of hairspray to set things in place. Then, just go about your day with immaculately styled and perfectly healthy hair. With the right products and a solid routine, your hair is sure to be the envy of everyone around.

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