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Everything You Need To Know About Face Roller: Tips & Tricks

Keeping your skin healthy, happy, and beautiful are your ultimate goals in skin care. Face rollers have quickly become a go-to tool for any true skincare fan’s skin regimen and are one of the most popular skincare tools these days. A face roller is a small handheld tool with a roller on one end and […]

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Water Temperature Affecting Hair Health

Let’s face it: hair can be a bit of a fickle creature. One moment it’s perfectly healthy, gorgeous, and voluminous, and the next it’s dry, brittle, and isn’t being helped by any of your standard hair care products. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, the solution may be much simpler than you think. Though […]

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Skincare Routines: What, How, and Why?

Skincare is an important part of anyone’s daily routine; however, figuring out what to use, how to use it, and why you even should can be daunting. We’ve compiled a list of the most common basic skincare routines that people use, so you can have a roadmap to beginning your own skincare rituals! The main […]

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Smokey Eye Makeup Looks To Try This Season

The smokey eye is a classic eye makeup look– for a good reason! With so many variations and ways to dress this fun eye makeup looks up or down, smokey eye makeup is a perennial favorite. Today, we’re going to share some unique smokey eye makeup looks that you can try this season. Natural Smokey […]

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