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6 Makeup Organizing Tips That You Should Know

In previous years, makeup collections were all the rage, especially on YouTube. Beauty influencers showed off their makeup desks filled with stacks of eyeshadow, tubes of lip gloss, and drawers full of products. But now that trend is dying down, leaving us with tons of makeup and no way to organize our stash. Unless you’re a beauty guru yourself, you probably don’t have a room dedicated to your collection. So how can you organize your makeup vanity? In this article, we’ll share bedroom makeup makeup organizing tips.

The benefits of having an organized vanity go beyond making it easier to apply makeup. Having a space that’s tidy and clean is refreshing, and it can feel great to renew and organize clutter. With that in mind, let’s dive into 6 vanity organizer ideas for better storage! 

1. Upgrade Vanity Storage With Stackable Drawers 

Vanity Storage With Stackable Drawers 

Stackable cosmetic drawers are a chic and stylish way to organize makeup. Vanity storage can be tough, especially when you only have so much room on a surface for bulky makeup bags or bins. Stackable drawers let you store your essentials all in one compact, convenient place.

Organizing is as simple as adding another drawer on top if you add more makeup to your collection. It’s easy to store items like eye shadow palettes and other small items in these drawers. For added convenience, dedicate each drawer to a different type of product. One level could hold lip products, while another might hold powders, and so on. 

2. Use Space Under the Sink

Drawer under sink

When it comes to bathroom vanity organization, make sure you’re using all the space you can. Why not also use the cabinets under the sink to store makeup? If you’re wondering how to organize bathroom cabinets, there are some easy options. Use under-sink drawers and containers to store bulky products that don’t fit on your vanity. Also, remember to group items under the sink by product type. This will make it easy for you to grab items without having to rummage around! 

3. Maximize Your Drawer Space

If you have a vanity with storage space, don’t take it for granted! Of all the vanity organization ideas, using the drawer space you already have is the simplest one.  If you’re lucky enough to own a long, shallow drawer, those are perfect for storage. Deeper drawers are often a pain to dig through, especially for smaller items like makeup. If you do have a deep drawer, store larger items on the bottom to allow for easy access and storage for makeup on top. Using trays and plastic dividers will also help organize your stash even further.  

4. Add Shelving 

Makeup Organizing Tips

If your vanity is by the wall, one easy way to clear up space is to install shelves. Place your go-to beauty items on the shelf right next to your vanity, so they’re only an arm’s length away when you need them! For those who want to avoid the hassle of shelf installation, a rolling trolley with tiered shelves might be a better choice. Another easy option is hanging shelves, which are simply hooked over the door, no screw or hammer required. 

5. Invest in Acrylic Containers 

Makeup storage kit

Acrylic containers offer a practical and stylish solution for makeup storage. Opt for containers with a transparent design. This allows for visibility so you can quickly locate items. Use divided acrylic trays to separate lipsticks, eyeliners, and brushes. Larger containers can hold palettes, compacts, and other bulkier products. Acrylic storage is sleek and chic, offering both organization and style. The added practicality of being able to see all your products is an added bonus. 

Pro Tip: To show off your most luxe products, place them at the front of acrylic storage for display!

6. Remember to Clean up After Yourself

makeup pouch

All the makeup organizing tips in the world won’t help keep your space clean if you’re constantly leaving it a mess! Trust us, we know it’s all too easy to leave your vanity a mess when you’re getting ready in the morning. But once you’ve gone a week without cleaning up your vanity, all the hard work you’ve done organizing your stash will be gone. Instead, make sure you take the time to put all products away after you’ve used them. Doing this small step will go a long way in making your space more organized and clean! 

These are just a few tips and tricks to transform your vanity space. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think up your own ways to organize your makeup! At the end of the day, you know your routine best, so make sure the way you organize fits your needs. Whether you’re a minimalist or like a bit of clutter, there are plenty of fun and inventive ways to streamline your collection. Maximize your space using these makeup organizing tips.

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