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5 Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Avoid Starting Today

Finding a skincare routine that is right for you can take a lifetime. The greatest enemy to your healthiest, happiest skin is picking up a bad habit. While we all have bad habits we engage in from time to time, developing bad habits with your skincare is a big no-no. Bad beauty habits in skincare can cause bad skin conditions like breakouts and aging. 

We’ve identified five of the worst habitual behaviors for your skin. The sooner you knock them out of your daily routine, the sooner you can start seeing healthier skin.

Popping Your Pimples

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One of the most cherished bad habits in skincare is pimple popping. When you have a big, juicy whitehead, it can be hard not to squeeze it. Unfortunately, picking at pimples can leave your skin with scars and infections. 

Scarring on the skin becomes more and more difficult to heal with age. Next time you think about popping a pimple, consider how most pimples heal in a matter of days. A scar, on the other hand, causes long-term damage.

Touching Your Face

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When you wash your face or apply moisturizer, the smoothness of your skin can leave you wanting to touch it. Or you may find yourself touching your face to scratch, brush, or itch it throughout the day.

When you do this, anything your hands have touched throughout the day is now in your pores. This bacteria exposure caused by face touching makes it one of the bad habits in skincare to avoid.

Using Expired Makeup

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If you use liquid makeup, it has the potential to expire overtime. Liquid makeup contains water in some form, which can foster bacterial growth. Preservatives placed in makeup keep this from happening immediately, but ever preservatives run out. Keep a watchful eye on the tiny numbers at the bottom of your liquid makeup products to avoid any infections or damage to your skin.

Over washing Your Face

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Unfortunately, washing your face too much is a bad habit. Clean skin is something we all want, but too much of a good thing can strip your skin of natural oils, causing damage. Washing your face at the beginning and end of each day is more than enough. Should your skin react as though you are performing a bad habit, your cleanser itself may be the culprit.

Sleeping In Makeup

Woman is sleeping in makeup

Even the best skincare products from the best skincare brands can’t reverse the damage done by sleeping in makeup. Makeup blocks your pores, so all the dirt, grime, and debris from the day is making itself at home on your face.

Washing your face before bed, even if you don’t wear makeup, is the best way to counteract this bad habit. Face washing can be easy to write off after a long day, but your skin will thank you later.

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